Fairtrade Clothing MUD Jeans Home Try


We know how hard it is to find fairtrade clothing and especially that right pair of jeans.

To make online shopping more easy our Home Try program was brought to life. The Go-to option for Fairtrade-lovers who not yet know their perfect size.

Select three jeans, try them on and pick your favorite. It’s that simple!

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Fairtrade Clothing MUD Jeans Home Try - Select your favorite jeans
1. Select your favorite jeans

Pick the model and size you think you have in the colour you like most. Then add another size, you can choose yourself, whether you want to try a larger or a smaller size. To confuse you, we also ask you to pick a jeans in a totally different colour or even a different fit.

Fairtrade Clothing MUD Jeans Home Try - Try them on
2. Try them on

Try them on. Take them off. And try them on once more on a different day. Put on a fashion show in your living room and see how they go with every shirt or sweater in your wardrobe. With 15 days to make a decision, we certainly won’t interrupt you with a knock at the fitting room door.

Fairtrade Clothing MUD Jeans Home Try - Pick the best fit
3. Pick the best fit

Did you find the perfect fit? Your best jeans ever? Great! Keep them on and take them wherever you go. This is an fairtrade clothing piece to be proud of. Just remember to use the retour envelope to send the others back.