We are a sustainable Dutch fashion brand that aims to make fashion circular.

Our jeans and denim shirts are produced in Tunisia, where we work closely with the Yousstex International factory. The t-shirts offered in our online store are produced in Italy. For more information concerning the factories where the MUD Jeans products are produced, and what the process of producing looks like, click here.


MUD Jeans only works together with carefully selected manufacturers. We select them on their ethical standards and because we trust them in promoting safe working conditions. Together, we are responsible for creating a save working environment for everybody involved in the making of our jeans. We are “Max Havelaar”-certified, joined the Fair Wear Foundation, and became a Young Designers Member. Below, you can find all the organisations MUD Jeans works with and the certifications we have been accredited.



As you know, we have two options in which you can obtain your own pair of MUD Jeans. The difference is as follows:

Buy a pair: this means that you purchase your jeans directly.

Leasing: this means that you will pay a monthly fee of €7,50 for a period of a year. After this period, we will reach out to you to discuss the next phase of your jeans. Are you going to keep them? Switch them for another pair? Or return them so we can recycle them?
Still not sure what Leasing a jeans will mean for you? Check out our Lease A Jeans page.

It’s simple!

Before you start to lease, you pay a €20 membership fee. This membership will allow you to lease a maximum of 3 pairs of jeans at the same time. In case you would want to lease a 4th pair, you would have to upgrade your membership.

You can now begin to lease!

Once you have picked your favourite pair of jeans, you can lease them for €7,50/month. The lease period will last for 12 months. After these 12 months, we will reach out to you and ask you what you would like to do with the leased jeans.
You will have three options:

Keep them. They are now officially yours!

Switch them. You can switch the pair of jeans with any of the other jeans shown on our website. Simply return the jeans and we will send you the other one! You will continue to pay €7.50 per month.

Return them. We will inspect the jeans to see if they can handle a second-life as vintage pair or whether we must say goodbye and recycle them into a new pair of jeans.

Have a look at our Shipping & Returns page to determine how much your shipping costs are!

The benefit is that you only pay a small amount of money per month. And it’s fun. After 12 months you can switch to a new pair of jeans. We will take care of your old jeans, all their materials are reused. Furthermore, you will be part of a new economy, doing business in a different way, helping to get the circular economy going.

No, you’re not able to Lease A Jeans in the stores. One year experience taught us that leasing is not a preferred method for retail. They rather just sell products. You can only lease our jeans online via our website.

No, you can only switch your jeans online.

Yes ofcourse! For upcycling purposes, it is sometimes even better if the jeans are worn out!


We will help you of course! We offer a free Repair Service. We still own the raw materials and thus take good care of them. We want your jeans to last. In case your jeans are torn, you can return your jeans to us and we will take care of it. Send an email to [email protected]


We want you to help finding the perfect fit. We know that it can be hard to find the perfect fit when you shop online. That’s why we offer you the possibility to try on 3 pairs of jeans at home, while only paying for 1. Within 15 days you can decide what jeans fits best and return the ones you do not like. It’s also possible to keep 2 or all 3!

You can keep your jeans at home for 15 days. The jeans that you don’t want to keep then need to be returned. If you don’t return the jeans, you will be charged for all of them.


The shipping costs depend on in which country you want to have your order delivered. We have 5 categories.

Category 1
Shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg: €6.75

Category 2
Shipping to Austria, Denmark, United Kingdom and France: €15

Category 3
Shipping to Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Sweden: €15

Category 4
Shipping to Finland, United States, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland: €30

Category 5
Shipping to the rest of the world: €50

International shipping can vary, but usually it will take up to maximum 2 weeks. Within the Netherlands shipping will take a maximum of 3 days.


All jeans made in Tunisia, are made from BCI certified cotton. These include all jeans with the exception of the jeans with original branding, these are made in Italy and are produced with GOTS certified cotton.

Also the cardigans, sweaters, and t-shirts are made from GOTS certified cotton.

GOTS is the world’s leading textile standard for organic fibre. Read more about GOTS here.
BCI pursues the goal of reducing the damaging effects of global cotton production on people and the environment. Get more information about BCI here.

The men’s jeans have a button-fly, except for the Slim Lassen, the women’s jeans have a zipper.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your products, you can return them to us within 15 days. This is possible up to 15 days after shipment of your order, the product has to be complete with labels and packaging and should not be worn, washed or damaged.

Whether returns are free depends on from which country you want to return the products. You can find more information here.

Of course! For us it is just important to have the materials back.

For more information on returns, click here.