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Our story starts with sustainable denim fabrics that we make into well-designed jeans. All time essentials that are designed with a circular mindset. You can lease these jeans. Why be the owner of a jeans that you only want to wear until it’s worn out? While you make use of the jeans, we retain ownership of the raw materials. After 12 months we send you an email to ask if  you are ready for a new pair. We offer you to switch to a new pair and easily continue with the monthly payment. Fresh jeans, guilt-free.

S I X   S T E P S   I N   C R E A T I N G   O N G O I N G   D E N I M



In the circular economy, products are designed to be reused. We ditched the standard leather labels and use printed ones at the back of our jeans.



Lease or buy your jeans online or buy them in any of the stores. No matter what option you go for, we need your jeans back once they are worn out!



While the jeans are yours, we retain ownership of the cotton. This is where your benefits come into play. Whenever you rip your jeans, we will fix them for free.



Your adventures shape the character of (y)our jeans. Take them wherever you go, but send them back at the end of their life. Switch to a new pair if you like.



Many returned jeans look awesome. That’s why they’re upcycled and sold as unique vintage pairs. The jeans are named after the former user.

recycle (2)


This is where the fun begins. The jeans are shredded, cut into pieces and blended with virgin cotton. This is how a new denim yarn is born. Recycling reduces water use with 50%.

Girls having fun in MUD Jeans, wearing ripped jeans


Your adventures shape the character of our jeans. Take them wherever you go. Return them with a life full of experiences. 



Over the past year, we got to know our customers. We discovered that many of you are true pioneers, people that like to travel and explore the world in their professional or personal life.


Take your jeans around the world. Everywhere you go. We love to hear your experiences in order to create a #mudstory that will be featured on the Vintage jeans.


Driven by a pursuit to make sustainable jeans for every day life, we combine innovative techniques and craftsmanship. Each jeans is made of the highest quality denim, designed with an eye for detail.


Today, our collection features several key items. We’re not the ones that pop up with new collections every 6 weeks. We believe that strong design never goes out of style. 


Have a look at how returned jeans are recycled into new denim products. The factory is located in Umbrie – Italy. The mixture of a long heritage in the denim industry and the knowhow of innovative and sustainable techniques makes this Valley one of our favorite places in the world.


Want to see the recycling process by yourself? You can bring a visit to the factory in Umbria, send an email to