Sustainable jeans high quality

Maxime: intern at MUD

Whenever people ask me which jeans I love the most, I don’t need much time to think about my favorite pair. Even though MUD Jeans has a wide variety of sustainable clothing; styles and colors, there is one pair I always come back to. Without a doubt, my favorite pair of MUD Jeans is the Skinny Hazen Pure Blue. This is the very first pair of MUD Jeans that I have worn and has been my go-to ever since! However, since the launch of the Vintage collection, the Skinny Hazen has had to compete with the Vintage Light jeans with Cut&Patch. During these cold winter days, I love to pair the jeans with a Dennik sweater, in either Strong Beige or Creative Blue.


Maxime: intern at MUD

During this season a comfortable jeans, like the Regular Dunn, in a darker color such as True Indigo or Stone Black is perfect. Pair it up with the George denim shirt or the Dennik sweater! Add the Volcano Beanie and you are ready to face the cold days ahead!